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Product description

The Oxylog® 3000 offers sophisticated ventilation for patients in emergency situations and during transport in and between hospitals. Designed to support a wide range of patients and medical conditions, Oxylog® 3000 offers volume and pressure based modes, for controlled, synchronised or spontaneous ventilation. When transporting critical care patients, the need of interrupting ventilation therapy is therefore eliminated. Non invasive ventilation (NIV) reduces the need for intubation. Clear flow and pressure curves are shown on a high-contrast display, offering reliable patient monitoring.

Oxylog® 3000 is designed to be used both in the hospital and outdoors. Its robustness and transportability in combination with the wide range of ventilation modes and monitoring options support patient care and improved outcomes. No need to compromise in therapy performance, patient safety and transportability.

The Oxylog® 3000 is easy and safe to use, due to the combination of the well-known Oxylog® knobs for setting the vital parameters quickly and easily and the familiar Dräger centralised rotary knob for setting individual parameters. Additionally, the large screen displays all ventilation parameters, measured values and ventilation curves. Light, compact, robust, spray-proof and suitable for use in helicopters, this ventilator also holds its own in extreme environmental conditions.

Product Information


Better to have one


The Oxylog® 3000 offers a sophisticated performance in emergency and transport ventilation - so good it can be used to ventilate critical-care patients in transfer situations. When it comes to transport ventilation performance, it's better to have an Oxylog® 3000.

Booklet: Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV) (PDF)

Non-Invasive Ventilation with the Oxylog® 2000 plus and Oxylog® 3000 plus


Breathing systems

Product information: Pack2Go® Ventilation and Anesthesia Packs (PDF)

With Pack2Go® Dräger now provides a combination of different accessoriesand consumables as a one-stop, one-step solution.

Catalog: Oxylog® & More

Over the past thirty years, clinicians have deployed the Oxylogfamily of emergency and transport ventilators to deliver excellentquality of care to their patients.


Ventstar Disposable hose system 1.5 m

Articlenr 5703041 (set of 5)


Ventstar Disposable hose system 3.0 m

Articlenr MP00335


Reusable hose set 1.5 m

(incl measuring leads) Articlenr. 8412068


Reusable hose set 3.0 m

(incl measuring leads) Articlenr. 8412913


Reusable Angled connector

Articlenr. 8412235


Reusable Flow sensor

Articlenr. 8412034


Reusable Breathing valve

Articlenr. 8412001


Test lung

Articlenr 8403201

Complete Accessories Portfolio

For product details, please see the pdf of the accessories catalogues.

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Oxylog® 1000

The Oxylog® 1000 offers first aid ventilation of patients in emergency situations.

Oxlog 2000 plus Intenat. 360 Preview
Oxylog® 2000 plus

Step up your performance and increase your monitoring and ventilation capabilities with a wide range of modern ventilation essentials, compact, rugged design and simple, intuitive operation for all your transport and emergency ventilation needs.

Carrying System

Articlenr. 2M86975

Attachable trolley 2

Articlenr. MP00011


Allround wallholder

(for use with Carrying System) Articlenr. 5704216


Equipment Holder

Articlenr. 2M86900



AC / DC power supply

(100 - 240 V AC / 50 - 60 Hz) Articlenr. 2M86730


DC / DC converter

(10 - 32 V DC) Articlenr. 2M86731


Lithium Ion battery

(10 - 32 V DC) Articlenr. 2M86731


Battery charging station

Articlenr. 2M86729


Conversion kit disposable

(nozzle kit for disposable hoses) Articlenr. ME 05134


Conversion kit reusable

(nozzle kit for reusable hoses) Articlenr. ME 05133



Articlenr. 5704500 (configuration)


Alduk III



Central gas hoses

1,5 or 3 m; spiral or straight (configuration)


Oxylog® 3000 Product Trainer (ZIP, 11MB)

Download the zip file and unzip the extract compressed files to your hard disk. If you wish to start the trainer run "starter.exe".