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Product description

The Oxylog® 1000 offers first aid ventilation of patients in emergency situations. Designed to be used outdoors, its intuitive operation, robustness and transportability make the Oxylog® 1000 complete in its class. The ventilator has integrated audible and visual alarms that monitor both the airway pressure and supply pressure to aid in patient safety.

All functions are pneumatically operated, so the ventilator does not depend on any electrical power source. Thanks to its fundamental design, the Oxylog® 1000 also stands for great reliability, ready to meet rough conditions during your mission.

Product Information

Product information: Caddy and CompactCaddy
Transportation solution for Oxylog® 1000 and 2000

Saving a person's life in an emergency depends on your expertise and the devices you work with.

Product information: Oxylog® Trolley (PDF)

With the easy-to use functional Oxylog® trolley system intensive care patients can quickly and smoothly be transported throughout the hospital without interrupting therapy.

Product information: Dräger Alduk IV (PDF)

Thanks to its compact and robust design as well as its excellent performance, the Alduk IV is user-friendly in its handling for use in hospitals, rescue service deployments and also for overland and air transport.

Brochure Carrying System 3000 (PDF)

Complete ventilation solution in just one hand.


Breathing systems

Catalog: Oxylog® & More

Over the past thirty years, clinicians have deployed the Oxylogfamily of emergency and transport ventilators to deliver excellentquality of care to their patients.


Disposable hose system 1.5 m

(incl. breathing valve) Articlenr. 2M86837 (set of 25)


Disposable PEEP valve

(5 to 20 mbar) Articlenr. 2M86832


Reusable hose system 1.5 m

Articlenr. 2M86511


Reusable hose system 3.0 m

Articlenr. 8412913


Reusable breathing valve

Articlenr. 2M86800


Reusable PEEP valve

(0 to 10 mbar) Articlenr. 8407475


Test lung

Articlenr 8403201

Complete Accessories Portfolio

For product details, please see the pdf of the accessories catalogues.


Webinar: NIV for COPD (34 MB / ZIP)

Watch our international NIV webinar, hosted by Prof. Dr. Wolfram Windisch from the University Hospital Freiburg, Germany and supported by Dräger.

Related Products

Oxlog 2000 plus Intenat. 360 Preview
Oxylog® 2000 plus

Step up your performance and increase your monitoring and ventilation capabilities with a wide range of modern ventilation essentials, compact, rugged design and simple, intuitive operation for all your transport and emergency ventilation needs.

Oxylog 3000 Internat. 360 Preview
Oxylog® 3000

The Oxylog® 3000 offers sophisticated ventilation for patients in emergency situations and during transport in and between hospitals.

Carrying System

This ergonomically designed Carrying System provides an integrated solution for carrying and transporting an Oxylog® 3000 or an Oxylog® 2000 plus and an oxygen cylinder with a minimum of effort.

Attachable trolley 2

Articlenr. MP00011



Articlenr. 5704500 (configuration)


Alduk III



Central gas hoses

1,5 or 3 m; spiral or straight (configuration)

Carrying systems & Mounting solutions


Caddy & Compact Caddy

Articlenr 5703300 (Caddy) 5703302 (Compact Caddy)


Carrying belt for Caddy & Compact Caddy

(2 pcs needed for use as in picture) Articlenr. 8412073


Spare bag for Caddy

Articlenr 5703303


Spare bag for Compact Caddy

Articlenr 5703305


Carrying System 1000

Articlenr. 2M86001


Carrying belt for Carrying system 1000

Articlenr. 8412073


Vehicle bracket

Articlenr. 8412069


Allround wallholder

(for use with Caddy or Compact Caddy) Articlenr. 5704216


Webinar: NIV for COPD (34 MB / ZIP)

Watch our international NIV webinar, hosted by Prof. Dr. Wolfram Windisch from the University Hospital Freiburg, Germany and supported by Dräger.